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Default Re: Carnival Spirit Duty Free Shops

Hi Bonnie
I don't remember if they had club soda or not...We are Dt. Dr. Pepper drinkers and brought our own.

Yes, the docks are in Downtown Honolulu at Aloha Tower, that is about 2 blocks from our apartment

We have been in Hawaii for almost 3 years, job transfer, what a bad transfer huh? It's nice but I guess as with any place you live even if it is a top tourist place it can be taken for granted, I mean when one works and isn't here for 'vacation' it can become where you live. It was like that when we lived close to Vail, CO also. We are from Louisiana, so we kinda get the island fever and feel isolated at times.

I have not heard about the place in Pearl City and the monkeys. That doesn't mean it isn't there though...There are SO many things around here to see and do that I don't think one will ever do them all.

As far as the hotels, I am sure where you are will be fine. Like everything else there are so many of those in Waikiki, I always have to get out my map to find out where one is. Of course, just like excursions and things to do, you will find different opinions, that's not a bad thing really as long as people realize that just because someone likes something different than you may like doesn't make them wrong. Guess that is what makes this world go around so to speak.

The international market place is nice for souvenirs....But IF you have time and will be here on Saturday, Sunday or a Wednesday try to make it out to Aloha Stadium to the Swap Meet (like a big flea market). You will find the same kind of items, etc for a LOT less in price.

Hope I helped some.
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