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Default Molokini snorkel questions.

I have a couple of questions that I have faith will be answered here.
We are going on the NCL Wind in November and are interested in snorkeling (me) and scuba diving (dh) at Molokini off of Maui. We are on a budget so most of our snorkeling on the trip will be at the beaches. My questions are these:
1. I have read you should do Molokini in the morning due to trade winds, however, all the tours Iím finding on my own leave too early. NCL does offer a couple of shore excursion for Molokini. Has any one taken them? Were they a good value?
2. Has anyone found and taken a non NCL excursion that fits within the time frame of being in port (8am)?
3. My second question is if Molokini doesnít work out
Where would be the next best place to go off shore and snorkeling/scubing?
Thanks to all in advance for your help.
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