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Default Re: i want to see lava flowing into the water

That is SO COOL that the Pride of Aloha had such a great view.

But anyone hoping to see the lava must understand (A) the flow can move and be more or less visible and (B) if you're off exploring in the Volcano National Park, you must be fit for potentially strenuous hiking and realize that you could wind up in potentially life threatening situations.

I'm not directing this at most sensible people, rather, to the stereotypical person who would walk to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in high heels without a canteen.

Actually, I can't recommend the Volcano National Park enough. On a land based trip, one could use any of the completely charming bed & breakfasts near the park as a convenient jumping off point to explore the park. The higher elevation of Volcano Village is pleasantly cool compared to Kona or Hilo.
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