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Default Re: hawaii shore excursions

babyface....We are also on that cruise. We are doing the Volcanoes Natl Park tour. The tours last so long I think it isn't possible to do more than one in a day. After all I DO need time for shopping. We are renting a car on Maui though. I usually hate the ship sponsored tours. It has been our experience that we could find the identical tour or the equivelant when we get off the ship. I have heard some "not so glowing " reports about the luas. One of those reports was from my cousin who was there last year. She said, "Don't waste your money on the luau." She said the food was horrible and the entertainment did not make up for the bad food. Other posts I have read suggested goin to a luau at a hotel. i have heard that the Polynesian Cultural Center has a much better show. Don't know about the food though. I think that is on Oahu in Honolulu, but not sure. We are not overnighting in Honolulu.

Hope you have a great time on the cruise too.
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