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Kim Sta
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Hi Pat

Its me again! You busy bee you - well Monday is aqua aerobics, Tues watch friends kiddies, wed - tap dancing (love the noise the shoes make) thurs aqua again, friday drive from london to wiltshire (home) sat meet up with friends, sun not a lot, eat big roast dinner, drive back to london and start all over again! Weekdays are pretty samey, weekends are usually spent with friends though as Todd and I are apart during the week, its sometimes nice for us to do nothing but curl up on the sofa with a bottle of wine and a DVD.

Are going Llama trekking soon ish and on a ghost walk for halloween to a haunted castle - should be fun! Otherwise its friends round to us, or us to them, cinema, meals out and the occasional something different!

I enjoy my life (apart form the commuting) but I love travelling as well (saggitarius I was born to travel!!!) so look forward to my hols in a big way, even the planning and brochure searching - I should have been a travel agent with all those lovely freebies - wonder if I am too old to change careeer??????

Oh well, back to work it is......

Bye for now

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