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Default Re: Tahiti First Time Questions

You can get a Radisson 7 day for about $2100...... per person, considering that includes,
liquor, no tipping, bigger cabins, free soft drinks, water, stocked bar, water sports gear and diving, kayaks etc all included incluging several shore excirsions.... go figure

Princess charges about 1500 to 1700 for the same trip and misses several potrs RADISSON, BECAUSE OF ITS SIZE can hit..... sot the diff is nill. when you add your little extras up..... I sail radisson now because it is cheaper in total reality.....

It figures to less than what you pay for an economy ship..... no joke ... when you add it all together the nickels and dimes add up way fast..... like 3.00 for aq pepsi or water,, 20 bucks a day automatic tip, speciality restauraunt sur charge, wine with dinner, bar charges and tip....... all adds fast.

The Rainy season is from November to April........ The best time is August.

I have taken 3 criuses in this area and foung that seeing tAHITI By ship is the best and most economical way.... rooms on Tahit with out meals run 400 to 1000 a night for the nicer hotels.... over water rooms can fetch 1200 a night ...without meals.....

Aug- sept oct best time wor bugs and weather

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