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Carolyn Rosamilia
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Default Re: hawaii shore excursions

I my opinion, Hawaii is a great place to rent a car and tour on your own. Everyone speaks english, they drive on the right, and the islands are each small enough that you can tour the entire island if you want, or not. Renting a car also gives you the flexibility of going to the more isolated beaches or attractions that the ship tours or Roberts tours do not go to. Just do a little research before you go. I used to live on the Big Island on the Kona side. If I were to go there for just one day on a cruise ship, I would rent a car, go to Hapuna Beach and drive to Hawi and have lunch at the Bamboo Restaurant. The potstickers are the best you have ever had in your life, homemade by Auntie Mary! Another great day excursion is to drive to the public beach (very deserted) next to the Four Seasons Resort at Halualalai, enjoy the beach for awhile, a great walking beach too, then walk the oceanside path over to the Four Seasons Resort, stopping at the beachside bar for lunch and a dip in the jacuzzi overlooking the beach. They have the best Marguaritas in huge blown glasses. The Four Seasons also welcomes people to walk the grounds and eat at their restaurants. Of all the places I have traveled, Hawaii has the most friendly people and is truly paradise if you get away from the crowded touristy places. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.
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