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Julie Lee
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I just returned from the Wind a couple weeks ago. We did the Body Glove excursion in Kona and it was okay. The snorkel area was very small compared to other areas I have snorkelled and there was a lava rock wall with fish and eel. Didn't see any dolphins, turtles, etc., just the usual. I pretty much stayed in one area and watched the fish go about their day. The boat itself was nice and had big shaded area, but it filled up pretty quickly. There was fruit, pastries, muffins, juices, and water waiting for us as we boarded and a nice sandwich buffet served about 1 hour into the snorkel time. They also had alcoholic drinks and soda pop available for purchase at the bar. Our total time at the snorkel destination was about 2 hours.

There were about 50 people on the trip and when everyone first hit the water, it was really crowded. Most people seemed to get either tired or bored pretty quickly and got back on the boat to eat and play on the slide. After about 45 minutes there were only a couple of us still snorkelling and then the fish came back. We had a lot of children on the boat and they all seemed to have a really good time. The videographer/photographer went down and brought up some various urchins, cucumbers, etc. for people to hold. He also films the days activities and the kids really liked watching themselves on the trip back to the dock. By the way, the area they take you to is just across the harbour from the ship and you can see the ship the whole time. They just take a long route to get there!

I wouldn't do this tour again because I really wanted an awesome snorkel experience, and I just didn't feel that was provided. If you have kids that like to play in the water and see a few fish, then it would probably be a good choice.

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