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Default Re: Prepaid Tipping Charges Survey

BTW... here's my opinion.
My first reaction to this system was a big thumbs down. As I've given it some more thought, I've become more tolerant of the idea for a number of reasons.

Knowing I have the ablitilty to remove these charges entirely, or adjust them accordingly, still gives me the control of who I'm tipping what amount. At the same time, it possibly reduces the number of times the hard working staff get "stiffed" by unknowing or uncaring passengers. (Ever notice how many empty seats there are in the dining room the last night.)

I normally over tip, because the service usually warrants it, so I'd still be able to have the experience of personally delivering the "over and above" tip to those staff members who earned it. And, knowing it was "over and above" they'd likely be even more appreciative.
Then there's also the selfish side of me.. with the tips going on my charge card I get those wonderful little frequent flyer miles my credit card awards me for my spending <G>

The upscale cruise lines include tips in their fares, and people seem to commend that. Isn't "pre paid tipping" sort of a version of that?

The downsides I guess would be the possibility of irregularities in the tips actually getting to the staff, and the possiblity of the staff delivering less than stellar service, thinking they are getting the tips anyway.

So, after all this rambling, what's my opinion U ask?
I don't mind the pre paid tipping idea. But I would like to see them leave receipts of the charges in our cabins (as they do now, leaving envelopes), and then we could hand them to the staff, which they would then turn in to collect their tips.

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