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Default Re: Prepaid Tipping Charges Survey

Anything put against my charge account without my full acceptance scares me. I understand the total daily amount for the proposed Princess tips is supposed to be less than the recommended token amounts, but I still like to have the control. It is good that I could make the adjustments up or down on my charge, however, am I going to have to scrutinize my bill daily for the facts; good service, did I eat at an Alternate restaurant that day, was the bus boy's service less than acceptable, etc. Sounds like a lot of detail work ahead and I enjoy not having to always be so detailed while on vacation. We will sail the Grand Princess eight weeks from today, so I guess we shall see. I am anxious to hear from cruisers on the new system this month.

Kuki, please let Paul know this is a Good new forum. I have missed his comments.
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