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Default Re: Prepaid Tipping Charges Survey

I'm torn about this though I was originally shocked by the thought of not giving the tips directly.

Firstly, I'm still not sure after all the boards I've seen, what the $6.50 is for....just waiter and assistant waiter (more than the recommended $3 + $1.75 per day) or includes the room steward (less than the total $3 + $3 + $1.75)?

Secondly, my husband and I intend to go to the late sitting dinner with the regular waiter and steward but my seven year old will eat at the buffet. Whereas, I will want our tips to go to our waiter and steward, not a big pool of shared monies, my son will be using the services of other waiters....The pooled tip seems more appropriate from him....doesn't it? But if we hand my husband's and my tip to our waiters, they may not think we have considered my son's share though he never attended, but left an empty seat. What a quandry! Any opinions, answer quickly, I sail on Saturday on the Sea Princess.

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