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Default Embarrasing Experiences?

It seems that the more experienced a traveler you are, the more careless you get. Or, maybe not everyone is like me, from time-to-time doing stuipd, embarrassing things.

Here's one for the records. I arrived in Rome airport, jet lagged of course, and had to wait two hours for a connecting flight to Venice. Checked my bag on the Venice flight, got the boarding pass and gate number.

At the designated time, I walked to the gate and boarded the plane. They were just shutting the doors when a flight attendant called my name. After I raised my hand, she inquired "Are you going to Palerno?" I replied no, I was going to Venice. "Well this plane is going to Palerno!" Red faced, I ran off the plane and discovered the gate number had been changed.

Can anyone top this?
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