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Default Re: Embarrasing Experiences?

Thats so funny Anne, 3 yrs ago we did the same thing flying out of San Francisco to San Diego. We were in flight and I looked out the window and noticed it didnt look the same. When we asked the Attendent if the plane was going to San Diego she laughed and said no its going to Hawaii. (joking) It wasntthat funny when we landed at LAX with no connect to San Diego. We ended up renting a car the last 1 a Geo Metro that night and finally made it. They told us they changed gates at SFO.. I had to laugh cause we actually got on the plane!. Another funny 1 was on the Elation few years back. We were walking around the decks late at night and entered the bridge by mistake the door wasnt locked and noted all these computers and equipment but no one was there!. A minute latter the Capt. comes out a back door with the Ship Nurse and informed us we could take a bridge tour the next day. It seemed funny that no one was driving the ship lol. We told a few people at the pool that day what happened the nite before and laughed it off. That night at the Dining table our mates asked us if we had heard about the couple that stumbled upon the bridge and busted the Cpt. and the Nurse together. We looked at eaach other turned red and said no in perfect unison. We still laugh that one.
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