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Heather Davis
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Default Re: Embarrasing Experiences?

OK - embarrsing. Please never quote me on this.

I once was on a cruise and I had early seating. After Dinner, I walked up on deck for a cigarette and walked by a hot tub. There was a guy in the hot tub asking if anyone wanted wine. Me, being an idiot, replied, "Yes, Thank you Sir!". He filled a coffe mug from his coffee pot with wine. Of course I laughed. Only then did I notice that he was naked in the hot tub. I was a little curious at the time so I tested the water and said, the tub feels cool. He grumbled something about it being very cool because I wasn't in the tub.

What could I do? I hoped in. No, not naked, but in my underwear. I enjoyed the tub until they drained it and I had to wake the naked, cold guy up! He wasn't very happy and I wasn't very happy getting the crew/security to bring towels!
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