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Default Re: Embarrasing Experiences?

Allright, I'll bite....I won't say "don't tell anybody" because I can't believe I am posting this on a public message board! lol

On my very first cruise, RCCL's Viking Serenade out of L.A. to Ensenada for four days: They held the Quest Scavenger Hunt....I was on a motley crue team of five people, none of us knew each other...we just wanted to play the game too and found that we could make a team....For those that don't know this game, everyone sits in the lounge or some other closed room....No one under 18 allowed...each team MUST have at least one man on it....we had ours, a very kind and genteel gentleman from England, about 55-60...His name was William, I think...anyway, the cruise director stands at the front and each team has a big plastic number for the number of thier team...he calls for an item like this: "I need a female team member, their team number, a bobby pin, and a ladies beaded purse." And then all teams scramble to get the stuff and send the "female team member with their team number" to rush up to the stage and get there first....It starts all innocently but it goes from there as you can imagine...the way it all ends up is: The man on your team ends up topless with a woman's bra on, lipstick, high heels, beaded purse etc.....William, our male team member was a great sport...anyway, they called for the male team member to come up wearing a woman's bra, and since I was the bustiest girl on the team, they wanted mine...I was really struggling and trying to get my bra off without showing anything (I'm a pretty modest girl!!) but the top of my dress ripped and fell to my waist just as I got the bra off and was holding it up....I am a former nightclub singer and .I must say that when I left the room it was to a standing ovation, the only one I have ever received !!! For the rest of the cruise, people were giving me the addresses of topless clubs in their town where they thought I could get a "great" job...I was soooooo embarrassed but the staff were great ....when it happened a cocktail waiter who saw it immediately took off his jacket and threw it over me, and escorted me back to my cabin so I could change....he was so kind and understanding of my embarrassment and he didnt' laugh at me at all....I'm sure he was laughing ON THE INSIDE!!HAHAHAHA.....William, our male team member sought me out later in the cruise to tell me that he was so sorry for my embarrassment and bought me a beautiful bouquet of roses and sent them to my room.....He wasn't trying to pick me up, he was just being nice.....Our team did not win, but I won a "special" prize from the staff: a beautiful terry cloth bathrobe with the RCCL logo.....Thank God my mom doesn't read these boards!
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