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Mary Lou
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Default Re: Embarrasing Experiences?

Well, I can't top Suzanne (no pun intended) and my experience was not while cruising...but we were traveling. We were on a bus tour in Niagara Falls. We stopped at a very nice place for lunch and as I always do I visited the ladie's room prior to lunch. After lunch, I thought maybe I better visit the little girl's room one more time before the long ride home. I proceeded to walk right into the men's room (remember I had already been to the ladies's room once---not quite sure how I mixed them up). And who do I walk right into? The bus driver..........I was so embarrassed!!!!! To top it off, the bus driver felt the need to discuss it with the entire bus over the speaker system on the bus. The next rest stop, he was sure to point out the right door for me!!!!!
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