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Default Re: Embarrasing Experiences?

I was on a Business trip with 50 other agents from Cruises Inc.(With my parntner Don) We were one of the first Agents to board the ship. We found our cabin(our door was open) we put up our bags and put our docs and money passports in the safe. Then we went off to get lunch in the lido. When we returned to our room everything was gone. Our bags, safe was empty. I though oh my g-d what happened??? We have no clothes no money!!!!! We called the Purser and they said no one has the combo to the safe. Still no help finding our stuff. One hour went by and I was asking anyone with a RCI name tag if they could help. Then walking back to my cabin I walked by one of our Top Agents cabins and her door was open. I heard her say "Who's bags are these??" Well I had checked into her room by mistake. (Remember The door was open when we first checked in) Now its funny then it was not funny I have been on many cruises before this.......These Embarrasing moments can happen to the seasoned cruisers to.

Michael Sinn
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