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Carole Dunham
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Default Re: ROFL.. Sorry, I couldn't resist

Mo, that reminds me of when Nina (my daughter for those of you who don't know her) was a little girl. We lived in New York at the time. We were taking the subway to Coney Island one morning. As we got closer and closer to Coney Island there were fewer people in our subway car. Finally, when we were just a few stops away there was just one person left, a very nondescript middle aged man sitting across from us. Basically I'd not been paying any attention to him. When I looked at him I discovered he'd opened his fly and was flashing us! I took a good look like the woman in your cartoon and did the same thing she did, burst out laughing and probably for the same reason. He fled indignantly. I don't shock so easily and Nina was only about 4 and had no idea what was happening.

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