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David Starkey
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Default Re: How many cruises

I have been crusing for 25 years and have seen a lot of ships come and go. With my wife and two boys we have done 25 cruises and are currently booked on the 26th voyage. Infinity for June in Alaska #27 Carnival Spirit from Hawaii to Vancouver next spring. We also have a transatlatic 16 day booked for April 2002.#28
We have been lucky to get great rates and research cruises that offer what we like at an affordable price.
We dont smoke or drink, but set aside money each month to finance our vacations.
I will confess that my wife accumulates lots of frequent flyer miles in her work, so we never have to pay for air flights(boy that does help)
I can prove that setting aside a few hundred amonth pays a big dividend for us.
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