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Default Re: How many cruises

I think all of the above have the right idea! Mostly the last poster - if you want to do it badly enough, you can. The secret is to plan and save for it. I went on my first cruise in 1983 with my sister. Husband went with me on the second in 1985 and from that time on it was at least one a year, more if we could fit it into his teaching schedule and I have gone on some cruises without him. Will be heading for #45 next month and don't plan to slow down anytime soon.

Just set your priorities, save, plan and go do it now! Please don't "wait til someday". I have heard way too many sad "someday stories".

Some people collect "things". I prefer collecting "memories". I don't have to move them, they don't gather dust, and the kids can't fight over them when I am gone! In the meantime I am enjoying the collecting process VERY much.
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