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Default Re: How many cruises

I, like Mike, am addicted, I started in 1/90, 6/93, 6/94, 5/00, 6/00, 11/00, 2/01, 5/01, 6/01 and am thinking about Nov or Dec/01!

Ruth is so right about "do it now" - if you want it, plan, save and enjoy! Life is very short; thank God my parents taught me to enjoy and travel when health is good, finances are secure, etc.

As to how I can do it (original question in the post string): I save a lot (take lunches to work, don't buy what I don't need, etc.), have generous vacation time in my career, and search out specials (last minute, etc.). I almost always have to pay air though because of last minute bookings and I am in IL.

Thinking about a separate residence in FL...
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