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Default Romantic Moments

Let's hear about those "Romantic Moments" that made your cruise such a wonderful lifelong memory.... that special something your mate did that caught u totally off guard..... the proposal on bended knee which was so unexpected.
I'm sure there's hundreds of great stories... Lets hear them all!!

I'll start.....
As I stepped out of the shower I noticed how the entire cabin had taken on a reddish hue. I looked over to see the most magnificent RED sun slowly falling below the balcony's rail.
I rushed out to the balcony and I noticed the entire sky lit up with all sorts of shades of reds, and orange, giving the few clouds in the sky their own surreal life.

So there I stood, naked (right out of the shower don't forget), with the most magnificent sunset I'd ever seen. One thing led to another, and romance was in the air..
Could have been really special if Mrs. Kuki had have been there instead of playing bingo..

OK, so it's not a true story... but u get the idea <G>

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