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Default Re: Cruise Gripes?

This one is a serious gripe. But I have to agree with Bobbie on hers.

I don't wear good "finger jewelry" on cruises any longer. I wear my husband's dad's wedding ring on one finger and my grandmother's wedding ring on the next one. Sometimes, I don't wear any rings at all. (Makes those dance hosts crazy!)

One night, I noticed at dinner that the smaller ring was missing. Easy to explain, it slipped off my finger when I was washing or drying my hair. It wasn't in the head, couldn't have gone down the bathtub drain, it wasn't anywhere. My sister and I crawled the floor of our cabin looking for it.

Then I called housekeeping, I called guest relations, I called everyone. Nothing.

THREE days later Missy (the sister person) was coming in from the balcony after we'd just come back from shore and screeched, "YOUR RING!!!"

It was on the floor next to the desk/dressing table. In clear view.

So ... did our cabin steward NOT vacuum there? Or was there something else going on? And where were our eyes and brains for three days that we didn't see it in such an obvious location?

Who knows?

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