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Default Re: So close to missing the boat

When I worked for Royal Viking there was a magician working the ship who missed the boat in Los Angeles. The next stop was Ensenada, only about 160 miles away, but in Mexico... He didn't want anyone to know he had missed the boat because it looks kind of bad (he was working for the line), but he didn't have to perform until the night of the stop in Ensenada.

He told us he got on the Amtrack from Los Angeles (the taxi from San Pedro to downtown LA cost him about $75 dollars) where he railed down to San Diego. From there he caught a shuttle that took him to San Ysidro (US side of border), then he got a taxi to Tijuana and there caught another train to go the last 50 miles to Ensenada. It took him all night and day but he managed to sneak on board and the management was not the wiser.
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