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Default Re: Freaking out

This is ridiculous, no one is ever completely ready... take a look at this checklist and then see if you can't think of something else to do.

Have you tested your camera? maybe it needs new batteries.

Are your shoes polished? Time for a pedicure or dare I say it? a bikini wax?

Have you thought about what you want to do in each port? You could go on the Internet and see what's available. If you decide to swim with the dolphins you should make reservations now - or if you decide to rent a car.

You could go to the gym to tone up for poolside, or visit a tanning salon so you don't blind the waiter with your alabaster finish.

Are all your pants and skirts exactly the right length?

Have you out-grown your undergarments but delayed buying new ones because you thought it doesn't really matter if no one can see them?

If you are married, have you checked out your husband? Has he trimmed the hair in his ears lately? Does his naval peek out between the buttons on his dress shirt?

Please keep us updated on your progress!
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