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Default Re: Most embarassing cruise moment?

This happened at the airport on our way to cruise on the Norway. We always get to the airport early because we live an hour from CVG. Only this time there was an accident on the way so we were running late. I told my husband drop me off and you park the car, I will take the carry on through security check and meet you at the gate. Going through the security check they stopped me to check the carryon bag, now you have to remember I am by myself at this point. Wouldn't you know they wanted to search in my husband bag not mine. I had to stand at the counter while the security guard pulled out menís underwear. Everyone going by was looking at me by myself and looking at the packed menís underwear lying on the table. Of course the item they were looking for was at the bottom of the carry on, a stupid can of tie cleaner. I just wanted to crawl under the counter and hide. After a couple of years it sure makes for a good story now but not then. That was the last time I took his carry on through the security check.

Happy Cruising,
Kathy R
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