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Default Re: Favorite Cruise Jokes

John Heald of Carnival used to tell the story of a man throwing a fit at the pursers desk moments after boarding while the ship is still docked for embarkation in Miami. John tries to intervene and finds out the man is just furious because he is supposed to have an ocean view cabin. John asks for the deck plans, finds the man's cabin and points out to him that he indeed has a which the man replies, "yeah, but all I can see is the parking lot!"

Susan Woods of HAL likes to tell the crowd..."you know you look clean, but you laugh dirty."

Ship officer on Maasdam was trying to help us with a drink trivia. We thought we had the correct order of salt-tequilla-lime and he was just adament that we were wrong. After disagreeing for a while he finally gaves us the correct answer..."first, you sign for the drink...then salt-tequilla-lime!" We won the trivia by the way!
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