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Sue & Bill
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Default Full Suite Lurkers!!!

I knew all along that there were many, many of you out there lovin' those full suites the same as I do and finally you have come forward. Too bad the post about the 'suite preference' got moved to the second page. We cruise in full suites for the roomy area and large balcony. We love the 'extras'. The last thing I want to have is someone always 'standing by' to assist me. The less we see of the room steward, the better. The best steward is the one you see when you want to see them. Otherwise they do their job and remain ready via pager to answer our smallest needs. Here we are, back full circle, talking about our individual preferences on cruising. I guess that is what is so darn nice about having so many choices. What is right for the individual. I wouldn't do a Carnival, but I think it is perfect for someone who wants the 'glitz'. I wouldn't do Crystal, or other so-called luxury cruises, because I am just a plain person and am very sure I would not fit in with the Crystal Clientel. Princess is my 'cruise line of choice'. I sail on Regal whenever possible. I like the smaller ship and I personally think that Regal Princess has an ambiance like no other ship in the fleet. And, as another poster so nicely said, they do not tell people in which room they are sailing. I thought it was just us that felt that way. But it seems that when you mention what room you are sailing in, people just seem to look at you like you are 'snooty'. We have found that it is best to just keep our room number to ourselves. We have had a party or two in our suite, but most of the time we just relish in the elegance for which we have paid. After reading many, many posts I find that it is OK to say you are sailing in a full suite. Not on board the ship, but at least on the message boards. Maybe it is time for the full suite passengers to finally 'come forward' and be heard. I have had my fill of bargain hunting posts.....Sail Long, Laugh Often and Love Much........
Bon Voyage....
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