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Default Re: Full Suite Lurkers!!!


I agree with one point you made. I've had my fill of bargain hunting posts. I've had my fill of bargain hunting period. I used to be like that, always looking for the "best" deal. It was more like a game to see just how low I could go & it was fun for awhile. I paid my dues in college with Carnival. Now I want something different. And, a suite is just fine for my needs. Not that I want to pay more for something than its worth. But, a vacation should be relaxing & we all need to enjoy ourselves sometime.

There are some lines I won't sail because I don't like them, glitz has its place, but not in my sight line. While I haven't sailed the luxury lines, I'm not opposed to it, my check book is. When that changes, I'll probably run straight to the line many have been discussing on this board. And, I won't feel out of place one bit in my DKNY next to someone else's Channel. Though I wouldn't mind someone peeling a grape for me just once! . For now, I'll stick with my preminum line of choice.

People have different tastes & needs. Personally, I spend more time in my cabin than anywhere else while on a cruise. That means it must be comfortable & it must have a roomy balcony. I worked my from an inside upper/lower next to the anchor to the larger balcony cabins. Now, I'm ready to join the suite life and have booked one for my next cruise. Geez, who wants to vacation in a closet if they don't have to? It costs a little more, but you get what you pay for. Hope I enjoy it.

I laugh at the posts where people tell first timers that they only sleep in their cabin so it doesn't matter where it is or how small it is. That's just not true. So far, no one has ever asked me what cabin I was in or the deck. And, I can't recall any of my tablemates ever bringing it up. Though I have seen some over the top showing off in the dining room with men ordering expensive wine and women wearing a bit too much CZ. Who cares, if it makes them feel better so they enjoy their cruise more, I say go for it.
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