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Lady Jag
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Default Re: Full Suite Lurkers!!!

I couldn't agree with you more, Sue & Bill. We never mention that we stay in suites on the ship, but I will mention it on the board if it pertains to a particular question. We also feel very comfortable with Princess, but are willing to try RCI just to see their beautiful ships.

We prefer the bigger ships because we have two sons (9 & 11 yrs.) that we have to consider. They like the video games and activities that are offered on the big ships.

There is a certain element of "suite envy" - you see it in some people's faces when they ask what category cabin you have and you tell them. That's okay, but I don't like the guilt trips some of them try to place on us. They don't realize how hard my husband works or how many hours, week after week, year after year. Yes, we cruise more than some, but not as much as others. I guess for these people, I am saying: "Don't judge a passenger by its cabin." :o)
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