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Default Top 10 signs your on a really bad cruise.

10>Tonights gala dinner, Surf and Turf, turns out to be imitation crab legs and
hot dogs.
9>Capt waits for the tide to go out to give ship momentum to leave the pier.
8>Staten Island ferry sign painted over with cruise line logo.
7>Mid night buffet consist of marshmallows, after dinner mints and flavored
tooth picks.
6> Free tetanus shot for all paying passengers.
5>At every port, ships battery needs a jump-start.
4>Evey P/A announcement starts with "WWAAZZUUPP" or "How u doin?".
3>Fine print in brochure reads "all passengers MUST know how to swim".
2>Capt always seen wearing a life jacket and reading "Cruise Ships for
1>Those seagulls flying over the ship look just like vultures.
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