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Default Re: Do you purchase Cruise Insurance? - To Buy or

I too will not cruise without the travel insurance, we spend just too much money and after final payment if something happens, you could loose it all or a big part of it. Also the health aspect is another reason to have it. Our regular health insurance doesn't always cover us when traveling out of the US and like Texas mentioned, if you have to be air lifted, thats extremely expensive and I sure don't have that kind of money. I heard that someone needed to be airlifted to a hospital and the cost for that was $12,000. So, I would think twice about getting it, also covers lost luggage and we all hear those horror stories, so I'd rather spend the extra for the insurance and be covered for any of those unexpected mishaps.

We've been taking out the cruise insurance with CSA and have had no problem, but haven't had to make a claim either, but I did hear from someone that did have a problem with a late flight, missed the ship. They had to fly into Nassau and spend the night in a hotel and everything was covered, they even got their check fromt he insurance company in just a few weeks, no hassles.

Here is a link to the CSA insurance, you may want to shop around and compare, they too have a policy that will cover existing conditions if you need that as well:


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Good luck and happy cruising!
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