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Default Re: Do you purchase Cruise Insurance? - To Buy or

Lady Jag:

Are you saying that you would still go if a Parent or close relative, brother - sister, were to pass away? What if you're children became seriously ill?

I felt the same way as you a few years ago, believing we were in excellent health. Did not buy the insurance and my wife, lynn, came down with kidney stones three days before the cruise. Fortunantly, Carnival understood. With some paperwork from the doctor and hospital, they only charged us $40 and placed the rest of the full deposit on credit for a future cruise within one year, which we did.

All others:

Besides all the health issues already covered, I have learned over the years about the risks in air travel delays. I have found that CSA is the only insurance carrier to cover travel delays due to weather. Most other policies only cover for Airline related delays (read the fine print). I assume some of you sometimes have to depart or fly through those unpredictable summer and winter airports, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Denver.

I also assume you can not control hurricanes, so you either don't crusie during hurricane season (and miss out on the bargain prices) or you take your chances. What about that lost luggage. 7 days at sea with the clothes on your back (if you don't plan ahead with your carry-on luggage).What if you book your own excursion or take a taxi and miss the ship? It's pretty expensive to spend the night and then buy airfare to the next port to pickup the ship again.

I for one, will buy the insurance.

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