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Default Re: Do you purchase Cruise Insurance? - To Buy or

Independent cruise insurance really depends on the personal circumstances. I'm young, single, childless, and book my air with plenty of time to make my embarkation port. Pre existing coverage means nothing to me, my most serious health issue to date was a hang nail. The only thing that these insurance policies don't cover is the one thing I truly need. A full refund for simply changing my mind at the last minute & deciding not to go. For that, I have to be held hostage by the cruise lines' outrageous plan. (over $1200 for this cruise--I won't pay that) My next cruise is the first one I will buy insurance for & that's only because its so special to me & I want to go so much that with my luck it will be the one time something goes totally wrong. I understand Lady Jag's position though it may seem cold to some people. However, I do have older parents so I really couldn't justify sailing away to paradise if something happened to one of them. As far as emergency evac is concerned, I can't see the Captain stepping over my semi lifeless corpse as I gasp for my last few breaths and order the crew to leave me there to rot over the next few days after assertaining that I don't have insurance. Of course I could be wrong.
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