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Default Re: Do you purchase Cruise Insurance? - To Buy or

Wow, what a response!?!?!?!

I didn't know there was travel insurance outside of the Cruiselines insurance. That's something I'll research.

Lady Jag is definitely thinking like me. Except I would cancel or return home if my parents/child was ill or dead.

Is insurance through Travelex, Access America and CSA cheaper than buying through the cruiselines? My TA didn't offer insurance outside of the cruiselines. Is this something I should be concerned about and start looking for a new TA?

I still think $100 for insurance for a 7 night cruise is a lot. My car insurance for a month on a 2001 Honda Accord is only $97...and that's full coverage for my husband and I.

I still think the price of cruise insurance is a big reap off.

Thanks for all of your responses.

Will I buy insurance? Probably not. But my husband insist on us purchasing insurance on everything so we probably will purchase insurance on our next cruise.
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