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Default Re: Poll: Personal Choice

We genuinely enjoyed Personal Choice dining on the Grand. Not having to be in a certain place at a specific time added so much to our overall experience. We opted for dinner for two on two nights, and it was a wonderful change of pace. Once you get past the tipping policy (I always added a few bucks anyway, as I tip more than the recommended amounts), it's a piece of cake. We met so many more people (including waitstaff, who were absolutely delightful!), and really relaxed for every minute of the cruise. We didn't feel a need to flip-flop, nor did we patronize the "designer cafes." There was plenty of good food at all venues. Of course, you know that you can tip-as-you-go by just letting the purser know that you don't want your account charged the $6.50 pp daily. We're booked on the Golden 12/15, and look forward to PC dining again. Now that I've posted my opinion, it's time to wait for those people who hated it to come forth!! I guess that's what Personal Choice is all about, huh??
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