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Default Re: Question for the ladies. Re: Tuxedos

I still haven't figured out how to send folks straight to an article (Donna? Help!) but I did do some tux research for a recent story.

Go to First Cruisers and look under "Tuxedos? Necessary?"

My original understanding, which turned out to be pretty much correct, is that on land in the US, no white jackets except in summer. The rules are different on cruise ships. If, indeed, there ARE rules. When I lived in the Caribbean, the white/back rule held true, season-wise. I can't remember ever seeing a white dinner jacket on land in Europe.

This wasn't in the story, but members of the Elks Club ALWAYS wear white dinner jackets for Official Events. Queeg inherited my dad's (perfect fit).

I think the white is more fun ... it sort of asks for a sporty bowtie tie and cummerbund. Queeg wears the family tartan get-up with the white ... which is really cream-colored. The jacket, not the tartan, is cream-colored.

I think the only thing that looks better than a man in a dinner jacket of either color is a man NOT wearing one -- check out those silk boxers !!!

So, guys, go for the burn !!! The ladies will love you for it.

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