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Default Re: Flags across America

Thank you Divetex for the Red White & Blue ribbons.
I made 300 of them last night. When I first handed them to people, they
said It represented the flag. I said yes, but It aslo rep. something else.
As I said In my previous post. I got the ideal of the symbol when I saw
in the ashes, the Fire fighter and a Police officer hold up a very large flag.
We will over come, and we will stay here until everyone is out.

The Blue stands for the men in blue whom lost there lifes, not
given a thought to there own.

The Red stands for the Fire fighters,and EMS, who ran into
a build to help, and gave up there lives to save people they
would never know.

The White the rest of the innocent lives taken.

All the other Officers I gave them too found It a great tribute, and we
all gave each other big hugs.

Please keep the RED WHITE & BLUE ribbons going, they mean
so much to all of us that serve, and protect.
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