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Default Re: Insulin syringes

As many of you know, I am extremely cognizant of special needs passengers.

The idea that insulin-dependent passengers will be unable to carry on their supply is completely egregious. What happens if the suitcase gets lost as Bulldog points out?

Going the distance to get a note from one's doctor doesn't seem like a real hardship, considering the alternatives.

People who are life-dependent upon meds should NEVER (this is my somewhat informed opinion) be without a two-day supply upon their persons at all times. AND their travelling companions should have another two-day supply.

I really can't imagine organizing a bunch of homicidal diabetics on a single flight to attack a cockpit crew with insulin syringes any more than I can imagine a bunch of folks organized to commit mayhem with fingernail clippers or embroidery scissors.

This seems to be over-reaction to the max.

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