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Frank Braiden
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Some of my fondest memories are of the time spent on the UK/Australia via Suez run. After doing the Gibraltar, Naples, Marseilles, Port Said, Port Suez, Aden stops we used to point the ship towards Australia and 12 days later arrive in Fremantle. Did anybody get bored? definitely not. Those were strange times when there just was no outside world. Nobody was desperately trying to cram entertainment into every minute of the day, yet there always seemed to be things to do.
So, Ok it was all a bit trivial by todays standard but lazy days were used just enjoying life, good company, good food, simple entertainment where the officers and crew all had a part to play. The ships then were a true community where the distinction between officers and passengers became rather blurred.
The ships are now bigger and have far more professional attractions but I would swap all that for a 30,000 tonner casting off for a five week jaunt to the other side of the world, even if the comedian was the second engineer, the show girls the nursing sisters and Women Assistant Pursers, the singers a mixture of of everybody from the ship's doctor to a greaser and oiler from the engine room. It won't ever happen again but boy, was it fun.
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