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rob h
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Default Back from Sea Princess trip

Date: 11-19-01 00:10

Hi all,
We have just completed our trip to Mexico and I'll post a review towards end of the week.
It was wonderful , especially the warmth and those days at Sea , count them, 3 1/2 days are just
Coming back we had swells, so the hangers in the closets were banging during the evening and when
you sat up top towards the bow or on the lower decks, one went a bit up or to the left.

My wife had two drinks and she was fine for supper.

We enjoyed Matzlan and Cabo San Lucas especially.

For you Non US citizens, like us, you report to the Vista lounge at 7am with passports in hand, a
paper Princess gives you so they can check you off the manifast and a US Customs form. As we
docked a bit late around 7am, the customs and immigration folks arrived a bit after 7:30am. Once we
got in the process was done within 10 minutes.
In our case we got up ay 5am (<,,,), breakfast at 6a, , to security folks at 7am and then were finally
off the ship around 9:15am.
As we had Princess voucher to airport and had registered with purser on 1st day our airplane tickets
then we had green 1 lugguge tags. Within ten minutes we had our bags and were in the bus for
Alaska Air Lines. By 10:15 we were at the airport , in time for our 12:41 flight, .

The ship is wonderful and service was personal and great.

It was too short if you think as the embarkation and debarkation days as lost leaders. Our next cruise
will be at least 10 days.

ah well, back to work
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