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Default Re: Attire: Formal and "non" fromal nights

What should I pack?
Casual attire is the order of the day, both on board and ashore. For one or two nights, a dark suit or formal attire is suggested. The dress code for other evenings ranges from sport coat and tie to casual resort wear. For Alaska and Canada cruises, sweaters, lightweight jackets and raincoats are suggested.Note: Shorts and T-shirts are not permitted in the dining room area during dinner.

The above is from Carnival's web site.

Below are the definitions of the different type of dress. Special note to item 2.

1. BUSINESS, also EXECUTIVE- or CORPORATE CASUAL: The level beneath the business suit and tie, which can consist of a suit or sports jacket and/or sweater, and an optional tie. This is what youíd wear to a company party (retirement, holiday, etc.). The fabrics may be less dressy, and the tie a knit or novelty print. You may have slightly relaxed the look, but youíre still there for business.
In some cases you may want to wear a suit thatís a step up from business wear like your best Armani suit, French-cuff shirt, and Hermes tie just to show you have a life outside business!!
2. COUNTRY CLUB, or DRESSY, RESORT CASUAL, CASUAL CHIC: Apparel that youíd wear to a private country club for lunch or dinner. Dress trousers, sports shirt, dress shirt or knit polo shirt, a sweater or sport jacket and leather shoes/belt. Itís also appropriate for an off-site seminar, a party at a friendís home or dinner at a nice restaurant. And yes the elements in your attire may have cost MORE than a good suit!!
Number 3 may be acceptable for certain businesses and some social functions.
3. SPORTY or RUGGED: The outdoor look! Off to the local pub to watch Monday night football with the guys, to a real game, when youíre invited to spend the weekend at one of Ralph Laurenís homes, or third date out for pizza. Any activity where you might run into someone interesting. Itís more casual, but you still took some time to coordinate colors, and think about what elements you put together.
The following two categories are not acceptable for most businesses, or for any "important" social occasion (i.e. first date) where youíre concerned about your creditability, authority and/or image:
4. SATURDAY CASUAL OR LEISURE: What you wear on weekends, if you had to go out shopping or doing laundry, and there was even a remote chance of human contact.
5. ACTIVE: gear youíd wear to the gym, to play b-ball, washing your car, or gardening, but not stop off at the grocery store on the way home. Itís also what you might wear around the house if you werenít expecting any visitors.
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