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Default Would U rather get voice mail or a busy signal

Today, I tried to do some business by telephone.. 3 different people, 3 different businesses, and I got voice mail, and let my message with my number. Not one of them called me back! I was just a TAD peeved!!!!!!!

I am so sick of hearing.. I am away from my desk or on the phone.

What I want to know is doesn't anyone actually work at their desks?? And if they are at their desks, are they only there long enough to talk on the phone and then be gone again?

And if they are at their desk, while they're there, wouldn't it make sense to check their voice mail, and respond to those who bothered to leave a message?

It's gotten so bad that if I ever call someone and they actually pick up the phone and say hello, I get so flustered I forget who I was calling, and hang up.
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