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Default Re: Would U rather get voice mail or a busy signal

I have done telemarketing from home for the last three years and have seen a dramatic change in communication manners and patterns.

These are not cold calls but the customer has filled in cards requesting photograph sessions with information from family members, pets addresses and several phone numbers, home, work and cell.

I'd say I reach about 5% of the people called a day........of the 95% of the messages I leave, I'm lucky to get 1% return. If I call each person three times, I leave a final message saying the special price they have requested is being discontinued if they don't call within two weeks and often get a response from about 1% more. Three years ago, about three times as many would have called and some to even politely tell me they had changed their mind, no but thank you for calling.

An email is much more effective and saves my vocal chords. When I am given an e-ddress, I send an email with the complete information and follow it up with a call a few weeks later to remind them. Much higher response.....even though they still make me repeat all the information on the phone again or have me resend it as it was "lost" or they must have discarded it as junk.

Talk about a phone chase.......definitely considering this a dying trend...and giving it up soon.
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