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Default Cruise Booze

I'm in the bar business, so I obviously benefit when people drink, but I am actually getting amazed with how big a worry it is for people to make sure they have, or can get their booze onboard.

When I was younger and first drank, I never really found any liquor, wine or beer that I enjoyed the taste of. SO.. when I drank, it was with the purpose of getting drunk. I did this on occassion, but thankfully it didn't become part of my routine <G>
I do like the taste of certain "umbrealla drinks", and do purchase these onboard, but honestly I likely wouldn't care if they had booze in them, or I was drinking the virgin versions.

Now I see so many threads where people are asking "booze questions, I kind of get shocked how important an issue it is in planning their vacations.

I guess my question for everyone is.. would you really change your cruising plans if your choice was between a line that allowed you to bring booze with you as opposed to one that did not?

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