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Fess up time here, on the cruise I just returned from, I took a bottle of rum onboard, but I never openned it....I either bought my drinks or got them free at all the cocktail parties. I doubt I would carry anything on board again as it just made my suitcase heavier!! lol I was celebrating my birthday on board but I am not a big drinker nor do I prefer wine or champagne so I was bringing for my celebration, which I never openned.

And to fess up again, as I was nervous about customs, I declared the bottle I had (and didn't have to pay thank goodness) just in case I was "randomlly searched" as I had purchased a liter of Tortuga Rum in Grand Cayman.

If the policy was strict it wouldn't affect my plans one bit. As I don't plan on taking another bottle onboard anyways. lol For me, it was just a BIG waste of luggage weight/space.

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