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Oh, PLEEAASSEE do NOT start having wristbands for unlimited alcohol!! I know most drinkers handle their liquor o.k., but there are really too many who do not. And I know that some of the "sailboat" type cruises do give people necklaces w/beads to exchange for liquor, etc. Why do you think a lot of the all-inclusive resorts give out tiny little cups of liquor so that you have to go back & get a refill continually for it to add up? I don't care what price would be charged! There are already plenty of people who get off the ships not even remembering WHAT they did on a cruise! Not to mention those who are so hung over after the first day/night that they look dead. I've been on a couple of ships where the beer DRINKING in the hot tubs changed into beer EXPELLING IN the hot tubs. I enjoy the "umbrella" drinks, too, and could never make them as good as the ship's bars. So I'll just have those & live w/the price. Keeps me from overdoing it! I also enjoy certain wines & do think it might be nice to save a few bucks to bring some on board, whether or not I can has NO impact. I, too, am surprised at how many people ask about this. It is obviously a major part of the cruise experience for some.
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