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Default Re: Kuki - Prepare the Guest Room!

I do have kind of a Kuki story to tell about receiving visitors in Calgary.
Guess it was about 3 1/2 years ago we "met" a fellow from Las Vegas, online in cruise chat. Over a short period it became obvious that we had similar "warped minds". I innoncently said, you should come visit us some time.
The next day I got a call saying they were on their way, and I perhaps foolishly invited them to stay in our home. He told me they had a motor home and would be driving it up, and I said that would be perfect... If we liked them they could stay inside, if not they could sleep on the street.

During their entire drive up, his wife was yelling at him... "You're taking me to a foreign country to go see complete strangers!!" My wife was yelling at me... "You've invited complete strangers to come stay with us!!!"

They were stopped at the border and asked what the purpose of their trip to Canada was. She answered .. to visit friends.. not expecting the next question.. Who are they? She couldn't answer. The border guards then proceeded to search the motor home. , and a true story.

The Get Lei'd Cruise in May will be our 3rd cruise together !!

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