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Default Re: Kuki - Prepare the Guest Room!

Calgary is a great city, and Banff is certainly God's country. I hope one day to spend an entire summer in the area. My one visit to Lake Louise was waaay too short.

I too, Kuki, have an interesting Candaian border story. On a long road trip to Canada from Texas, we stopped to pick up our friends that had transplanted themselves from Texas to Montana. Making our way through all the national parks in the area, we finally headed into Canada. When asked by the border officials what we had in the van, we thought it prudent to declare that we did have a few Sierra Nevada Pale Ales swimming around in the little ice chest with the apples. I guess we didn't look honest, because we were pulled over and inspected. Every nook and cranny of our vehicle and our luggage was inspected. It took an hour or two as it was a conversion van.

Merman, politely asked when they were finally finished, "Why us? Were we just the random 10th car or something?" They replied, just as politely, "No random check, you had Texas plates. Everyone knows about those gun-packing Texans"!
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