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Default Humor At The Dinner Table

Here is a question you may want to ask your fellow passengers during dinner. Is the tomato a fruit a vegetable.? The Romans called the tomato the "love fruit". If someone answers a fruit the answer can be correct according the Webster International 3rd Edition Dictionary. If someone answers a tomato is a vegetable they can be correct since in an ancient case of Nix vs. Hedden, the United States Supreme Court ruled the tomato was a vegetable.

Why would the Supreme Court get involved with such a ruling ? This decision was handed down in the late 1880's when various states taxed fruit coming into their state from other states but vegetables were not taxed. The Supreme Court ruled it was illegal to tax vegetables and the tomato was a vegetable.

I have to take this opportunity to complain that I dislike the new format. At my age it is difficult enough for me to see what I am writing, but this small print ?.
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